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Courting The Owner – Make your offer sizzle with this tip!

Just as temperatures are starting to rise, so are multiple offers on the most attractive properties in many markets.  To stand out from the pack, consider penning a love letter to the seller telling them what you adore about the house and why you are the best suitor to end up with it.


Courting the owner

In this digital age, there’s something nice about getting a personal letter written, even if it comes from someone you are doing business with.


What to include in the letter

  • Specific features or things that you like about the house and the community.
  • How long you’ve been looking.
  • A little bit about yourselves, including names and ages of any kids.
  • Anything that speaks to your purchasing power or creditworthiness.
  • A commitment to the house and a willingness to do “whatever it takes” to land it.
  • Anything else you and the seller have in common.
  • A picture of yourselves. 


Keep it short and sweet and don’t give so many compliments that the sellers think they’ve underpriced the home.


Make your offer even stronger by pairing it with a pre-approval letter from American Security Mortgage.  We close quickly!

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